1984 Avon Sports beat Worcester Old Boys

BRITISH BLIND SPORT National Knockout Cup Final 1984
By Bernard J H King
Article taken from “Participation” magazine Autumn 1984

Avon v Worcester Old Boys
The Final Saturday the 21st July

Avon Recreational Club for the Visually Handicapped and Worcester College Old Boys made their way to Barclays Bank sports Ground in Ealing. Avon by coach and Worcester by other means of transport from places afar like Birmingham, Liverpool, Rugby, Hemel Hempstead and others. A dry sunny and very warm afternoon lay ahead for them to play a game of cricket for the Taverners Trophy in this 1984 BRITISH BLIND SPORT National Knock-Out.

Avon winning the toss decided to bat putting Worcester in the field in hot bright sunlight. J Thomas and M Chapple set the pace for the day and started the scoreboard ticking over before the first wicket fell at 12 runs, the second went down at 24, the third at 48, at this point the scorer was heard to say, “The next wicket at 96”. It was not to be, wickets fell steadily for Worcester and in the 19th over Avon lost their last wicket.

Worcester chasing a total of 127 runs at an average of 5.3 runs an over were taken by surprise when they lost their first wicket after only 3 runs had been scored but they put up a great fight and were making good progress creeping towards the required total. Avon also kept to their task of trying to stop Worcester and in the end removed the last Worcester wicket at 92.

Miss Ruth Carter the Assistant to the General Secretary of Barclays Bank Sports Club presented the trophies to the teams. To Avon Captain Malcolm Goldwater she presented the Taverners Trophy, to be held for one year, and a cheque for £50 and individual trophies to each member of the team. To David Sheridan the Captain of Worcester she presented a cheque for £25 and individual trophies to each member of the team. The Umpires, Bruce Clarke and Bob Mockford and the Scorer Peter Whitelock each received a small trophy. Tankards were presented to the men of the match, Totally blind, Frank McFarlane and partially sighted, Malcolm Goldwater. The tankards, individual trophies and cheques donated by the sponsors BRITISH BLIND SPORT.

“I would like to thank on behalf of the committee all teams who took part in this year’s Knock-Out and helped make it a success and hope they will show the same sportsmanship and competitive spirit next year.”