End of Year Awards

** Players listed as the club they played for when they won the award

** All categories listed as Total were called B1 until the 2014 season.

Partially Sighted Player of the Year
2021: Asif Ali (Northants Steelbacks) & Ed Hossell (Somerset VICC) Joint Winners
2019: Shah Miah (Northants Steelbacks) & Ed Hossell (Somerset VICC) Joint Winners
2018: Ed Hossell (Somerset VICC)
2017: Justin Hollingsworth (Warwickshire Bears)
2016: Ed Hossell (Somerset VICC)
2015: Justin Hollingsworth (Warwickshire Bears)
2014: Luke Sugg (Warwickshire Bears)
2013: Luke Sugg (Warwickshire Bears)
2012: Dan Field (Sussex Sharks)
2011: Joe Harrison (Sussex Sharks)
2010: Luke Sugg (Warwickshire Bears)
2009: Damion Corrigan (South Wales Dragons)
2008: Damion Corrigan (South Wales Dragons)

Total Player of the Year
2021: Dave Daniels (Sussex Sharks)
2019: Gavin Griffiths (Northants Steelbacks)
2018: Steve Cook (Somerset VICC)
2017: Mark Turnham (Warwickshire Bears)
2016: Ian Morris (Sussex Sharks)
2015: Nathan Foy (Warwickshire Bears)
2014: Gavin Griffiths (Northants Steelbacks)
2013: Nathan Foy (Warwickshire Bears)
2012: Dave Gavrilovic (Northants Steelbacks)
2011: Nathan Foy (Warwickshire Bears)
2010: Nathan Foy (Warwickshire Bears)

Partially Sighted Batsman of the Year
2021: Matt Dean (Metro)
2019: Dan Field (Sussex Sharks)
2018: Shah Miah (Northants Steelbacks)
2017: Dan Field (Sussex Sharks)
2016: Matt Dean (Metro)
2015: Usman Afridi (Lancashire Lions)
2014: Matt Dean (Metro)
2013: Andy Powers (Warwickshire Bears)
2012: Jonathan Lewis (Hampshire VICC)
2011: Luke Sugg (Warwickshire Bears)
2010: Matt Dean (Metro)
2009: Mohammed Sohail (Essex Tigers)
2008: Chetan Davdra (London Sports)

Total Batsman of the Year
2021: Mark Turnham (Northants Steelbacks)
2019: Steve Cook (Somerset VICC)
2018: Dave Daniels (Sussex Sharks)
2017: Nathan Foy (Warwickshire Bears)
2016: Dave Gavrilovic (Northants Steelbacks)
2015: Gavin Griffiths (Northants Steelbacks)
2014: Rob Arrowsmith (Yorkshire VICC)
2013: Kelvin Duncan (Sussex Sharks)
2012: Peter Blueitt (Yorkshire VICC)
2011: Steve Humphreys (Metro)
2010: Mark Betts (Yorkshire VICC)
2009: Adrian Snelgrove (Birmingham SCVI)
2008: Nathan Foy (Warwickshire Bears)

Partially Sighted Bowler of the Year
2021: Wasim Afridi (Lancashire Lions)
2019: Mo Ghalib (Metro)
2018: Rory Field (Metro)
2017: Joe Harrison (Sussex Sharks)
2016: Luke Sugg (Warwickshire Bears)
2015: Luke Sugg (Warwickshire Bears)
2014: Ed Hossell (Somerset VICC)
2013: Alex Towers (Yorkshire VICC)
2012: Justin Hollingsworth (Warwickshire Bears)
2011: David Ellingham (South Wales Dragons)
2010: Heindrich Swanepoel (Metro)
2009: Heindrich Swanepoel (Metro)
2008: Alastair Provan (Northants Steelbacks)

Total Bowler of the Year
2021: Amjad Khan (Lancashire Lions)
2019: Dean Wilcox (Yorkshire Vikings)
2018: Ian Morris (Sussex Sharks)
2017: Steve Cook (Somerset VICC)
2016: Amjad Khan (Lancashire Lions)
2015: Martin Robson (Lancashire Lions)
2014: Jason Aughton (Somerset VICC)
2013: Peter Blueitt (Yorkshire VICC)
2012: Mark Turnham (Warwickshire Bears)
2011: Gav Griffiths (Sussex Sharks)
2010: John Garbett (Yorkshire VICC)
2009: John Garbett (Sussex Sharks)
2008: John Garbett (Sussex Sharks)

Most Promising Player of the Year
2021: Phil Daniels (Sussex Sharks)
2019: David Howells (Northants Steelbacks)
2018: Nathan Jameson (Yorkshire Vikings)
2017: Tahseen Sabir (Lancashire Lions)
2016: Steve Cook (Somerset VICC)
2015: Wasim Afridi (Lancashire Lions)
2014: Mo Ghalib (Metro)
2013: Jimmy Millard (Sussex Sharks)
2012: Mark Horbatowski (Northants Steelbacks)
2011: Alex Towers (Yorkshire VICC)
2010: Justin Hollingsworth (Warwickshire Bears)
2009: Joel Robinson (Metro)

Partially Sighted Fielder of the Year
2021: David Howells (Northants Steelbacks)
2019: Ed Hossell (Somerset VICC)
2018: Ed Hossell (Somerset VICC)
2017: Ed Hossell (Somerset VICC)
2016: Tahseen Sabir (Lancashire Lions)
2015: Taf Naqvi (Yorkshire VICC)
2014: Rob Crisp (Somerset VICC)
2013: Dan Field (Sussex Sharks)
2012: Si Ledwith (Sussex Sharks)
2011: Si Ledwith (Sussex Sharks)
2010: Dave Wood (South Wales Dragons)

Total Fielder of the Year
2021: Amin Afshari (Kent Spitfires)
2019: Hassan Khan (Metro)
2018: Amit Amin (Metro)
2017: Dave Daniels (Sussex Sharks)
2016: Steve Cook (Somerset VICC)
2015: Danny Miles (Sussex Sharks)
2014: Dave Daniels (Sussex Sharks)
2013: Nathan Foy (Warwickshire Bears)

Wicketkeeper of the Year
2021: Gerald Porter (Northants Steelbacks)
2019: Gerald Porter (Northants Steelbacks)
2018: Mark Bond (Metro)
2017: Gerald Porter (Warwickshire Bears)
2016: Gerald Porter (Warwickshire Bears)
2015: Gerald Porter (Warwickshire Bears)
2014: Si Ledwith (Sussex Sharks)
2013: Si Ledwith (Sussex Sharks)

Women’s Player of the Year
2021: Lois Turner (Surrey VICC)
2019: Leanne Harvey (Surrey VICC)
2018: Lois Turner (Yorkshire Vikings)
2017: Lois Turner (Surrey VICC & RNC Hereford Bulldogs)
2016: Lois Turner (Surrey VICC)
2015: Lois Turner (Surrey VICC)

Low Partial Player of the Year
2021: Rashid Khan (Lancashire Lions)
2019: Sheraz Chohan (Lancashire Lions)
2018: Sheraz Chohan (Lancashire Lions)
2017: Martin Wilson (Yorkshire Vikings)
2016: Sheraz Chohan (Lancashire Lions)
2015: Sheraz Chohan (Lancashire Lions)

Regional Level Partially Sighted Player of the Year
2021: Prem Sellathurai (Metro Devils)
2019: Nathan Jameson (Durham Viper Jets)
2018: Dan Sergent (Worcestershire Elizabethans)
2017: Steve Bailey (Dorset Dolphins)
2016: Tim Mackenzie (Dorset Dolphins)
2015: Alex Ditchburn (RNC Hereford Bulldogs)

Regional Level Low Partial Player of the Year
2021: Matt Cliff (Wavertree Merseyside CC)
2019: Chris Lewis (Metro Devils)
2018: Matt Cliff (Wavertree Merseyside CC)
2017: Ray St.Cyr (Kent Spitfires)
2016: John Gribbin (Gloucestershire Growlers)
2015: Jonathan Lewis (Kent Spitfires)

Regional Level Total Player of the Year
2021: Roy Turnham (Wavertree Merseyside CC)
2019: Sam Hoskin (Berkshire Stags)
2018: Sam Hoskin (Berkshire Stags)
2017: Rob Williams (Lancashire Lions)
2016: Andy Lewis (Derbyshire Owls)
2015: Amin Afshari (Kent Spitfires)

Regional Level Most Promising Player of the Year
2021: Rob Turner (Berkshire Stags)
2019: Richard Burt (Dorset Dolphins)
2018: Paul Fisher (Wavertree Merseyside CC)
2017: Dan Hopkins (Gloucestershire Growlers)

The Charles Ronayne Award for Outstanding Contribution to VI Cricket
2021: Neil Robson
2019: Paul Toplis
2018: Geoff Brown

Outstanding Contribution to Visually Impaired Cricket
2016: Ansel Porter
2015: Stephen Trull

Spirit of Cricket Award
2021: Wavertree Merseyside CC
2019: Yorkshire Vikings
2018: Somerset VICC
2017: Warwickshire Bears
2016: Somerset VICC
2015: Metro
2014: Yorkshire VICC
2013: Metro
2012: Northants Steelbacks
2011: Hampshire VICC
2010: Hampshire VICC

Umpire of the Year
2021: Rob Hodgkinson
2019: Roger Barker
2018: Alan Pearce
2017: Darshak Patel
2016: Stephen Trull
2015: Mike Cornwell
2014: Roger Barker
2013: Roger Barker
2012: Pete Marshall
2011: Mike Cornwell
2010: Chris Dawe

Scorer of the Year
2021: Yvette Bailey
2019: Yvette Bailey
2018: Simon Boulding
2017: Geoff Brown
2016: Rae Bezuidenhout
2015: Paul Toplis
2014: Paul Toplis
2013: Paul Toplis
2012: Steve Field
2011: Gemma Carpenter

Tea of the year award (Presented by the Umpires Panel)
2013: Hampshire VICC
2012: Warwickshire Bears
2011: Hampshire VICC

** Not all awards were created in the same year, every time each award has been given out is listed above though.