International Fixtures

2024 International Fixtures


England Men’s VI Cricket Team

Twenty20 Series, at The National Performance Centre in Loughborough
England v India

First Match: 20th July
Second Match: 20th July
Third Match: 21st July

Ashes Series in Brisbane, Australia
Australia v England
Exact dates TBC

Training Dates
January 20th and 21st
February 17 and 18
March 9 and 10
April 13th & 14th at Edgbaston
May 4th & 5th at Loughborough
May 25th & 26th
June 1st & 2nd at Warwick School
June 29th & 30th at Loughborough
August 10th & 11th at Oundel School
September multiple dates TBC

UK Women’s VI Cricket Team

Dates to be added shortly