Hall of Fame

The Blind Cricket Hall of Fame was established in 2014 to honour and celebrate those Players, Officials & Organisations who have made a significant contribution to blind cricket.

Thanks to a kind donation from the family of the late cricket writer Rowland Bowen all inductees into the Blind Cricket Hall of Fame receive The Rowland Bowen Award which takes the form of a silver salver.

Blind Cricket Hall of Fame Inductees

1. Heindrich Swanepoel
2. Clive Spencer
3. Adam Benjamin
4. Tim Guttridge
5. Steve Carpenter
6. David Townley
7. Bryn Reynolds
8. Mark Pickup
9. The Primary Club
10. Dave Wood
11. Geoff Smith
12. Miles Northwood
13. Damion Corrigan
14. Frank Mcfarlane

Note: Profiles of all inductees will follow