1987 London Sports beat Avon Sports

BRITISH BLIND SPORT Primary Club National Knockout Cup Final 1987
By Bernard King
Article taken from “Participation” magazine Autumn 1987

Avon Sports v London Sports
Barclays Bank Sports Ground
27th July 1987

We all were looking for a repeat of the semi-final match played by the same teams last year at Elmstead Woods but unfortunately it was not to be so. After winning the toss Avon decided to bat and after losing 2 wickets in the first over were unable to make any effect on the tight fielding and bowling limiting the batsmen to many singles.

London Sports looked with glee at the total Avon were able to achieve and hoped that they did not fall prey to nerves, after losing their first wicket for 6 runs they began to wonder, but once Dafton Robinson joined Steve Simmons at the wicket the game started to turn their way although the same tight fielding and bowling kept them down to singles. They did eventually reach the required number of runs to win the match.

It was arranged that Mike Thomas of the Primary Club would be with us to present the teams with the Trophies but unfortunately due to a back injury he was not able to attend, so I present the Umpires and Scorer with theirs and then asked Peter Whitelock to present the teams with theirs.

The task of choosing the men of the match was again given to the Scorer and Umpires and their decision was that Alan Henderson with 4 wickets should receive the totally blind award and Dafton Robinson with 4 wickets, 1 catch and 19 runs not out should receive the partially sighted award.

It was a good day with upwards of 60 people supporting both teams, Avon bringing nearly 40. The game as expected of cricket, was keenly fought and at the same time very friendly. Well played Avon and London Sports.

At this point and to close this report I would like to thank a number of people. Firstly, BRITISH BLIND SPORT and the Primary Club for their support in sponsoring the event. Next, the other members of the sub-committee for their support during the past year. Also the Umpires and Scorer, already named, for their sterling work on the day. Finally, but not least, you the players for without you there would be no competition for us to enjoy. Please keep the spirit of the game going during 1988 and also the reports. Thank you all again and I look forward to seeing you again during 1988.