1989 Metro beat London Sports

BRITISH BLIND SPORT Primary Club National Knockout Cup 1988

BBS Primary Club National Knockout Cup Final 1989
By Bernard King
Article taken from “Participation” magazine Autumn 1989

London Sports v Metro
Barclays Bank Sports Ground
29th July 1989

A bright, dry and sunny afternoon indicated a good start for what was to be a very close and sporting match by two teams that had had close games on their way to this final.

We had the pleasure of the company of Tony Pigott, Sussex and England, who had kindly agreed to present the trophies at the end of the match and Peter Moores, also Sussex, the day after he had scored his maiden century for his club. It was also a pleasure to have Johnny Dennis, a BBS Vice President, with us for the afternoon.

London Sports, losing the toss, were put into bat losing two early wickets. Steve Simmons then stepped up a gear and started to score more freely, the score had more than doubled before the next wicket fell at 55. Steve continued to score steadily and at the end of the innings finished with 72 not out including four fours, it was a good show of batting to help his side to the total of 132 runs for nine wickets.

Metro Sports needing 5.32 runs per over started slowly at a rate of three runs an over then Simon Butler joined Nick Underwood, from the nineteen runs Simon scored he hit one big six over the 40 yard boundary also two fours, this stepped up the rate of runs required and Metro Sports gradually overhauled London Sports score and hit the winning runs with only three balls to spare.

This match was played in the most sporting manner and I cannot remember a match that swung either way so many times, I thank both sides for giving us such a fine game of cricket.
After presenting the Lords Taverners trophy to the winning captain, David Mears, and trophies to the winning team and the runners up, then the men of the match awards, partially sighted Steve Simmons for his 72 not out and totally blind Graham Salmon for his 2 wickets and 2 catches, Tony Pigott said how much he had enjoyed the game and that it was every bit as good as the Benson and Hedges final between Essex and Notts he had attended two weeks earlier. I presented Tony with a memento of the day.
I am sure I speak for all the players on the day and all blind cricketers in saying thank you to our guests, Tony Pigott and Peter Moores for their presence at this event during what would have been one day of a four day break for them, also Johnny Dennis for his help on what is a very busy day. To our Umpires and Scorer for their help, not only in controlling the game but also on deciding the men of the match.

We also thank British Blind Sport and the Primary Club for their sponsorship. I thank the other members of the Sub-Committee for their help over the past year and for their commitment to blind cricket.
Thank you all and I look forward to seeing you during next season.

BBS Primary Club National Knockout Cup Final 1989
London Sports V Metro
at Barclays Bank Sports Ground
Saturday 29th July 1989
Umpires: Bob Mockford, Peter Taylor
Scorer: Peter Whitelock

London Sports Innings
A Henderson Caught G Salman Bowled P Windsor 1
S Simmons not out 72
D Robinson Run Out 2
A Hegarty Caught G Salman Bowled N Underwood 9
P Carmichael Caught P Young Bowled N Underwood 1
A Fairweather LBW Bowled G Salman 2
A Kalavazides LBW Bowled N Underwood 5
A Skinner LBW Bowled A Mabert 6
A Sharp LBW Bowled D Mears 0
M O’Brien Run Out 0
R Clifton not out 0
Extras:( 2B, 1LB, 18W, 13NB) 34
Total: 25 overs, for 9 wickets, 132
12th Man: H Ihsan
Fall Of Wickets: 1-19, 2-25, 3-55, 4-68, 5-76, 6-81, 7-107, 8-118, 9-121.

G Salmon 5-0-31-1
S Butler 2-1-4-0
P Windsor 3-0-15-1
A Mabert 5-0-28-1
D Mears 5-0-22-1
N Underwood 5-0-29-3

Metro Innings
D Mileman Run Out 14
J Browne Bowled P Carmichael 2
N Underwood Caught & Bowled S Simmons 22
S Butler Bowled M O’Brien 19
D Mears LBW Bowled S Simmons 8
N Merkin Bowled A Kalavazides 1
P Windsor not out 19
B Reynolds Caught P Carmichael Bowled D Robinson 3
G Salmon Caught A Fairweather Bowled D Robinson 0
A Mabert Caught M O’Brien Bowled D Robinson 5
P Young not out 3
Extras:( 3B, 21W, 13NB) 37
Total: 24.5 overs, 9 wickets, 133
Metro won by 1 wicket

Metro 12th Man: M Brace
Fall Of Wickets: 1-20, 2-38, 3-76, 4-88, 5-98, 6-100, 7-107, 8-108, 9-124.

A Henderson 4.5-0-26-0
P Carmichael 5-0-12-1
D Robinson 5-0-23-3
M O’Brien 5-0-36-1
A Kalavazides 3-0-22-1
S Simmons 2-0-11-2