1991 Metro beat White Rose

BBS Primary Club National Knockout Cup Final 1991
By Bernard King
Article taken from “Participation” magazine Autumn 1991

Metro v White Rose

White Rose winning the toss put Metro into bat, taking four early wickets for 38 runs brought A Mears to join S Butler to take the score to 106 a steady but not hard hitting partnership of 68.
With a total of 128 to win at a fraction above 5 runs an over White Rose had lost the same number of wickets at 38 as Metro, at 51 they had lost another 4 wickets. At this point J Prashar made a great effort to take the score along to a reasonable figure but his efforts were brought to an end when he reached 21.

A fairly fought match played in a friendly spirit on a warm sunny day and I would like to thank both sides for making the afternoon worthy of blind cricket.
On behalf of the Sub-Committee and all blind cricketers I give an abiding thank you to Derek Underwood MBE of Kent County Cricket Club and England for accepting our invitation to present the trophies and spend the afternoon with us, in the words of some players, “It was an honour to play and show our cricket to one of the world’s top class players”.

My thanks also go to our sponsors, British Blind Sport, the Primary Club and the Lord’s Taverners for without their generous support this annual competition would not take place. Johnny Dennis, although having to be on stage at seven o’clock, spent longer than intended at the game, I hope you made it Johnny. A question I will never forget was asked by Johnny on his arrival, “has Deadly arrived yet?” Peter Calvert of the MCC and Nigel Haygarth of the Cricket Society who kindly donated the balls for all the games of the competition. We must not forget the Umpires and the Scorer for their time spent for out pleasure.

BBS Primary Club National Knockout Cup Final 1991
Metro v White Rose
at Barclays Bank Sports Ground
Saturday 27th July 1991
Umpires: Bob Mockford, Roger Pain
Scorer: Peter Whitelock

Metro Innings
Alan Mabert Run Out 5
Jeremy Browne Run Out 0
Simon Butler Caught Bates Bowled Mein 45
David Mears Run Out 3
Nick Mirkin Caught Taylor Bowled Anker 0
Adrian Mears not out 49
Heindrich Swanepoel Caught Anker Bowled Prashar 2
Peter Young not out 4
Did not bat: Geoff Smith, M Jolley, Mike Brace
Extras:( 1B, 10W, 8NB) 19
Total: 25 overs, for 6 wickets, 127
Fall of wickets: 1-1, 2-8, 3-32, 4-38, 5-106, 6-119.

Anker 5-1-11-1
Wright 3-0-11-0
Mein 5-0-36-1
Beaumont 5-0-22-0
McGinty 2-0-9-0
Prashar 5-0-37-1

White Rose Innings
Granville Wright LBW Bowled Browne 7
Paul McGinty Caught Brace Bowled A Mears 15
S Taylor Caught Brace Bowled A Mears 0
John Beaumont Caught Butler Bowled Swanepoel 4
Darren Bates Caught Young Bowled Swanepoel 3
D Mein Caught Butler Bowled Swanepoel 0
David Anker Caught Young Bowled Swanepoel 0
Jon Prashar Caught Browne Bowled D Mears 21
J Shaw LBW Bowled D Mears 2
A Horsefield not out 0
A Davis Bowled Mabert 0
Extras:( 2B, 22W, 3NB) 27
Total: 21.5 overs, All Out, 80
Metro won by 47 runs

Fall Of Wickets: 1-13, 2-14, 3-31, 4-38, 5-38, 6-42, 7-42, 8-51, 9-75, 10-80.
Mabert 3.5-0-6-1
Swanepoel 4-1-13-4
D Mears 5-1-12-2
Browne 2-0-19-1
A Mears 5-1-13-2
Young 2-0-15-0