2000 South Wales Dragons beat Metro

BBS Primary Club National Knockout Cup Final 2000
Author Unknown

Luckily the weather did not play a major part in this year’s Cup Final apart from a few small interuptions. Dragons won the toss and put Metro in to bat. Metro made a steady start but began to lose wickets when trying to up the run rate in the second half of the innings. With 9 wickets down, they made 152 from 34 overs. Andy McKeating 30, Adam Benjamin 20, Bryn Reynolds 16. Bryn and Adam putting on over 50 for the second wicket.

Welsh Dragons made a solid start with Dave Wood and Neil Prior, followed by Mike Ferguson and reached the target fairly comfortably with a number of overs to spare.

BBS Primary Club National Knockout Cup Final 2000
Metro v South Wales Dragons
at The Nursery Ground, Lords
Saturday 2nd September 2000
Umpires: Fred Kenyon & Steve Mariani
Scorers: Steve McGrath & Bill Measure

Metro Innings (Reduced to 34 overs due to rain)
Bryn Reynolds Caught Butler Bowled Ferguson 16
Tim Guttridge Caught & Bowled Greenhill 2
Adam Benjamin Bowled Butler 20
David Mears LBW Bowled Greenhill 0
Andy McKeating Caught Butler Bowled Baker 30
Peter Young LBW Bowled Fisher 12
Brad Fisher Bowled Fisher 0
Kevin Sewell Bowled Greenhill 7
Darren Harris Caught Butler Bowled Fisher 6
Roy Smith not out 0
Nikhil Nair not out 0
Extras: 56
Total: 34 overs, for 9 wickets, 152
Fall of Wickets: 1-6, 2-70, 3-71, 4-79, 5-132, 6-132, 7-136, 8-148, 9-152.

H Greenhill 7-1-15-3
A Fisher 7-2-12-3
N Prior 7-0-57-0
S Morris 1-0-16-0
M Ferguson 6-0-14-1
S Butler 4-0-8-1
D Baker 2-0-28-1

** Due to rain the target to win was reduced to 134
South Wales Dragons Innings
David Wood Caught Young Bowled Benjamin 54
Neil Prior Caught Guttridge Bowled Mears 6
Mike Ferguson not out 23
Simon Butler not out 30
Did not bat: Howard Greenhill, Steven Morris, Steve Carpenter, Peter Mckelvanney, Don Baker, Andy Fisher
Extras: 21
Total: 17.5 overs, for 2 wickets, 134
South Wales Dragons won by 8 wickets

Fall of Wickets: 1-82, 2-84.
Partially Sighted Man of the Match: Dave Wood
Totally Blind Man of the Match: Peter Young

D Mears 4-0-19-1
P Young 1-0-12-0
R Smith 3-0-19-0
D Harris 3-0-32-0
B Fisher 2-0-11-0
A Benjamin 4.5-0-43-1