2002 South Wales Dragons beat Eastern Vipers

BBS Primary Club National Knockout Cup Final 2002
Eastern Vipers v South Wales Dragons
at The Nursery Ground, Lords
Saturday 20th July 2002
Umpires: Dennis Chapman, Stephen McGrath

Eastern Vipers Innings
Nikhil Nair Bowled Corrigan 1
Alan Chamley Caught Greenhill Bowled Prior 0
Bernard Connell Caught Corrigan Bowled Greenhill 57
Steve Wadsworth Caught Hall Bowled Law 4
David Ellingham Bowled Greenhill 10
Darren Paddick Run Out 21
Jon Prashar Caught & Bowled Greenhill 1
Miles Northwood Bowled Greenhill 0
Chris Edwards Caught Greenhill Bowled Corrigan 14
Gemma O’Connor not out 6
Darren Cook not out 2
Extras:( 2LB, 28W, 4NB) 34
Total: 30 overs, for 9 wickets, 150

Neil Prior 5-0-43-1
Damion Corrigan 6-2-16-2
Andy Law 4-0-28-1
Dave Wood 3-0-21-0
Howard Greenhill 6-0-20-4
Will Norman 6-1-21-0

South Wales Dragons Innings
Neil Prior Run Out 20
Jonathan Iturbe Bowled Ellingham 1
Dave Wood Caught Nair Bowled Ellingham 0
Damion Corrigan Caught Connell Bowled Ellingham 16
Howard Greenhill not out 72
Andy Law Bowled Prashar 4
Phil Dutton not out 2
Did not bat: Don Baker, Rachel Hall, Will Norman, David Viner
Extras: 36
Total: 29.4 overs, for 5 wickets, 151
South Wales Dragons won by 5 wickets

Partially Sighted Man of the Match: Howard Greenhill
Totally Blind Man of the Match: Neil Prior

Darren Cook 6-0-26-0
David Ellingham 6-1-25-3
Jon Prashar 6-1-26-0
Darren Paddick 5.4-0-28-0
Bernard Connell 2-0-21-0
Steve Wadsworth 3-0-16-0
Miles Northwood 1-0-8-0