2003 Metro beat Birmingham Sports

BBS Primary Club National Knockout Cup Final 2003
Birmingham Sports v Metro
at The Nursery Ground, Lords
Saturday 23rd August 2003
Umpires: C Wadsworth, L Prado
Scorers: S Field, T Brandy

Birmingham Sports Innings
Gavin Griffiths Caught Townley Bowled Swanepoel 0
Nathan Foy Caught Butler Bowled Benjamin 0
Kevin Lyon Caught Guttridge Bowled Swanepoel 8
David Fellows Caught & Bowled Benjamin 0
Mark Pickup Caught Butler Bowled Swanepoel 8
Warren Lee Caught Field Bowled Benjamin 1
Andy Powers Caught Benjamin Bowled Samuels 28
David Powers Caught Guttridge Bowled Samuels 8
Alan Humphries Caught Butler Bowled Field 12
Mike Harrison Caught Swanepoel Bowled Benjamin 5
Luke Sugg not out 10
Extras: (10 w, 5nb) 15
Total: 17.5 overs, All Out, 95
Birmingham 12th Men: Simon Dowling, Masood Aslam
Fall Of Wickets: 1-0, 2-0, 3-0, 4-9, 5-11, 6-20, 7-49, 8-66, 9-75, 10-95.

H Swanepoel 3-1-13-3
A Benjamin 4.5-1-21-4
D Townley 3-0-19-0
T Guttridge 1-0-9-0
D Samuels 3-0-15-2
R Field 3-0-18-1

Metro Innings
Tim Guttridge Caught Sugg Bowled Harrison 0
Adam Benjamin Caught A Powers Bowled Foy 4
Simon Butler Caught Pickup Bowled Lee 39
Matthew Dean Caught Fellows Bowled Harrison 3
David Samuels Caught Lyon Bowled Humphries 18
David Townley not out 18
Rory Field not out 0
Did not bat: Heindrich Swanepoel, Bryn Reynolds, Hassan Khan, Mike Brace
Extras: (3B, 7W, 4NB) 14
Total: 15.2 overs, for 5 wickets, 96
Metro 12th Men: Karl Willett, Gavin Dean

Metro won by 5 wickets
Man of the match awards: S Butler (Partially Sighted), D Townley (Totally Blind)

Fall of Wickets: 1-0, 2-11, 3-25, 4-61, 5-94.

M Harrison 5-1-16-2
N Foy 4-0-21-1
W Lee 3.2-0-25-1
A Humphries 2-0-18-1
L Sugg 1-0-13-0