2006 South Wales Dragons beat Metro

BBS Primary Club National Knockout Cup Final 2006
By Dave Gavrilovic

The 2006 British Blind Sport Primary Club national Knockout Cup final saw a repeat of the previous years final between Metro and South Wales Dragons.

The final was once again hosted by the MCC at Lords cricket Ground and the weather helped out on the day as despite rain all morning the only interruption the weather played was to cause the match to start 7 minutes late.

Metro’s captain Dave Townley called the toss correctly and decided to put the Dragons in to bat.
The innings started fantastically for Metro as opening bowler Heindrich Swanepoel bowled Dave Wood for 0 with the fourth ball of the game.
The second wicket swiftly followed with Rory Field dismissing Andy Law for 2. Toby Warren and Howard Greenhill looked to rebuild the innings and managed to get the score heading in the right direction with some clever singles and powerful hits to the boundary. Both men though fell in close succession with Warren out for 20 and Greenhill for 19. This left the Dragons in a precarious position at 67 for 4.

Then Dragons inspirational captain Damion Corrigan took over and with the help of Keryn Seal went about speeding up the scoring rate and amassing a big total. Eventually their partnership was ended when Rob Kershaw dismissed Seal for 18 after a fantastic partnership of 80 which brought the score to 147 for 5 when Seal was out.
Corrigan followed soon after caught by Matt Dean on the boundary off the bowling of Amit Amin for a thrilling 63. The rest of the Dragons batsmen contributed small scores and they were bowled out with a ball left of their 30 overs for 180. Rob Kershaw with 2 for 14 had Metro’s best bowling figures and Rory Field, Heindrich Swanepoel and Amit Amin also got 2 wickets each.

When Metro’s innings got under way Dragons momentum continued and they had Metro in early trouble when Rory Field was removed for 2 by that man again Corrigan. After a brilliant opening spell from Corrigan and Howard Greenhill Metro were way behind the run rate at 13 for 1 after 6 overs.
Adam Benjamin and Dave Townley started to increase the scoring before both were out within a run of each other. Andy Law removed Adam Benjamin for 11 and Dave Townley was caught by Law off the bowling of Will Norman for 8.

The Metro fans had been quiet up til then but Matt Dean and Bryn Reynolds started scoring freely and suddenly everyone began to believe their was a game on again. Dean was well caught from the bowling of Chris Dade for 10 but with some help from Dragons extras the Metro scoring continued as Reynolds was joined by Amit Amin. Metro were never really up with the scoring rate but with wickets in hand most people still thought they could do it at 99 for 4 with some big hitters still to come. Amin was dismissed in bizarre circumstances when he was out for 2 when he hit his own wicket but nobody realised he was actually out for a while. The batsman completed two runs and everyone was awaiting the next ball when Amin started walking off but nobody knew why! Umpire Pete Sugg had to go across to the scorers and commentators to explain what had happened.

This left Metro 99 for 5 with Rob Kershaw joining Bryn Reynolds in the middle. However the next over the game effectively ended! In two minutes of madness Rob Kershaw and Heindrich Swanepoel were both run out in successive balls to leave Metro 102 for 7 and needing a miracle.
Reynolds continued to bat steadily and was joined by Hassan Khan.

Reynolds marathon innings was finally ended by Andy Law for 20 and when Damion Corrigan picked up his second wicket to remove Khan for 4 Metro were down to their last pair.
The game ended in fitting circumstances as Hasmukh Metta was caught by Law and Bowled by Corrigan to bring the game to a close giving Dragons a well deserved 54 run win from a fantastic match.

Corrigan was named partially sighted man of the match as he added bowling figures of 3 for 16 to his earlier 63 runs when batting and Andy Law was totally blind man of the match for his 2 for 28 when bowling and 2 catches.

All in all it was an amazing day for all involved and thanks must go to the MCC for hosting the game and especially to the Primary Club for their fantastic support of this competition over the years and it was great to have the medals and trophy presented by Robert Flemming the Chairman of the Primary Club.

BBS Primary Cup National Knockout Cup Final 2006
Metro v South Wales Dragons
Saturday 19th August 2006
At The Nursery Ground, Lords
Umpires: Dennis Chapman and Pete Sugg
Scorer: Steve Field
Metro won the toss and elected to field

South Wales Dragons Innings
Toby Warren Caught Kershaw Bowled Field 20
Dave Wood Bowled Swanepoel 0
Andy Law Caught Kershaw Bowled Field 2
Howard Greenhill Caught Townley Bowled Kershaw 19
Damian Corrigan Caught M Dean Bowled Amin 63
Keryn Seal LBW Bowled Kershaw 18
Chris Dade Run Out 4
Karl Phillips Bowled Amin 4
Neil Prior Bowled Swanepoel 2
Phil Dutton Run Out 2
Will Norman not out 0
Extras: (4B, 1LB, 6NB, 35W) 46
Total: 29.5 overs, All Out, 180
Fall of Wickets: 1- 1 (Wood), 2-22 (Law), 3-45 (Warren), 4-67 (Greenhill), 5-147 (Seal), 6-164 (Corrigan), 7-169 (Phillips), 8-178 (Dade), 9-180 (Prior), 10-180 (Dutton).

Heindrich Swanepoel 5.5-0-21-2
David Townley 6-0-44-0
Rory Field 6-0-30-2
Amit Amin 3-0-30-2
Adam Benjamin 5-0-36-0
Rob Kershaw 4-0-14-2

Metro Innings
Rory Field Caught Greenhill Bowled Corrigan 2
Adam Benjamin Caught Wood Bowled Law 11
David Townley Caught Law Bowled Norman 8
Matt Dean Caught Warren Bowled Dade 10
Bryn Reynolds Caught Dade Bowled Law 20
Amit Amin Hit Wicket Bowled Phillips 2
Rob Kershaw Run Out 2
Heindrich Swanepoel Run Out 0
Hassan Khan Bowled Corrigan 4
Gavin Dean not out 2
Hasmukh Mehta Caught Law Bowled Corrigan 0
Extras: (1B, 18NB, 46W) 65
Total: 26.5 overs, All Out, 126
South Wales Dragons won by 54 runs

Fall of Wickets: 1-9 (Field), 2-38 (Benjamin), 3-39 (Townley), 4-69 (M.Dean), 5-99 (Amin), 6-101 (Kershaw), 7-101 (Swanepoel), 8-120 (Reynolds), 9-125 (Khan), 10-126 (Mehta)

Damian Corrigan 5.5-1-16-3
Howard Greenhill 5-1-13-0
Keryn Seal 3-0-26-0
Chris Dade 4-0-20-1
Andy Law 5-0-28-2
Will Norman 2-0-18-1
Karl Phillips 2-0-4-1