Path to the 1989 Final

British Blind Sport Primary Club National Knockout Cup 1989

Path to the 1989 Final

Preliminary Round
Saturday 9th April
Birmingham Sports v New College Worcester
at Sennelys Park, Birmingham
Birmingham Sports: 82/9 (25 Overs), A Wetherley 24, I Floyd 22, M Durbin 3-10
New College Worcester: 83/6 (22.1 Overs), A Granger 25, A Dumayne 24 not out
New College Worcester won by 4 wickets

Northern Sports beat Queen Alexandra College via concession

First Round
Saturday 10th June
London Sports v White Rose
at Clapham Common, London
White Rose: 112 All Out (25 Overs), D Mein 24, A Henderson & D Robinson 3 wickets each
London Sports: 113/3 (22 Overs), A Hegarty 49
London Sports won by 7 wickets

Metro v Oldham Sports
at Highgate Woods, North London
Metro: 153/9 (25 Overs), N Underwood 75, A Halshaw & J Brennan 3 wickets each
Oldham Sports: 58 All Out (13.1 Overs), N Underwood 3-12
Metro won by 95 runs

New College Worcester v RNC Hereford
At New College Worcester
RNC Hereford: 50 All Out (12.1 Overs), I Sharpe 4-14
New College Worcester: 51/2 (4.3 Overs), A Granger 38
New College Worcester won by 8 wickets

Northern Sports v Avon Sports
at Monsall, Manchester
Avon Sports: 158/5 (25 Overs), D Adams 51
Northern Sports: 106 All Out, B Farugia 20, R Bryden 3 wickets
Avon Sports won by 52 runs

Semi Finals
Saturday 1st July
Avon Sports v Metro
at BAWA Ground, Bristol
Avon Sports: 149/9 (25 Overs), D Adams 53, J Thomas 25, N Underwood 5 wickets
Metro: 150/7 (24 Overs), S Butler 42, D Mears 24
Metro won by 3 wickets

New College Worcester v London Sports
At Nunnery Wood, Worcester
London Sports 55 All Out (15.3 Overs), I Sharpe 5-9, S Taylor 3-25
New College Worcester: 52 All Out, D Robinson 5-11, A Henderson 3-11
London Sports won by 3 runs