Path to the 2015 Final

British Blind Sport Primary Club Heindrich Swanepoel Memorial Cup 2015

Path to the 2015 Final

First Round
Saturday 16th May
Durham VICC v Lancashire Lions
at Darlington RA Cricket Club
Durham VICC: 111 All Out (20 overs), J Hawkins 32 not out, A Sabir 3-7
Lancashire Lions: 112/0 (12 overs), U Afridi 51 retired, A Large 47 not out
Lancashire Lions won by 10 wickets

Sunday 17th May
Northants Steelbacks v Gloucestershire Growlers
at Obelisk CC, Northampton
Northants Steelbacks: 257/3 (30 overs), G Griffiths 90, M Horbatowski 41
Gloucestershire Growlers: 166 All Out (26.5 overs), E Bezuidenhout 29, T Willis 2-34
Northants Steelbacks won by 91 runs

Quarter Finals
Saturday 6th June
Somerset VICC v Warwickshire Bears
At North Curry Cricket Club, near Taunton
Warwickshire Bears: 215 All Out, L Sugg 89, N Foy 82, E Hossell 4-19
Somerset VICC: 144 All Out, R Crisp 53, E Hossell 45, A Ali 4-14
Warwickshire Bears won by 71 runs

Sunday 7th June
Nottinghamshire Knights v Yorkshire VICC
at Trent College, Long Eaton, near Nottingham
Nottinghamshire Knights: 126 All Out, P Smith 38, R Baines 4-12
Yorkshire VICC: 127/4 (13.5 overs), T Naqvi 49 not out, P Smith 2-31
Yorkshire won by 6 wickets

Sunday 5th July
Lancashire Lions v Sussex Sharks
at Our Lady’s RC High School, Manchester
Lancashire Lions: 272/6 (30 overs), U Afridi 133, W Afridi 48
Sussex Sharks: 89/6 (14 overs), D Field 39, T Sabir 2-16
Lancashire Lions won after Sussex failed to reach rain adjusted target

Northants Steelbacks v London Metro
at Obelisk CC, Northampton
Northants: 140 All Out, G Griffiths 42, R Field 3-12
Metro: 136/3, M Dean 47, R Field 32 not out, D Keeling 2-39
London Metro won by 7 wickets
** Target & overs to reach it reduced due to rain

Semi Final
Saturday 11th July
Warwickshire Bears v Lancashire Lions
at OffChurch CC, Leamington Spa
Lancashire: 321/3 (25 overs), U Afridi 171, W Afridi 99 not out, L Sugg 2-52
Warwickshire: 322/3 (23 overs), J Hollingsworth 154 not out, L Sugg 109, A Khan 3-97
Warwickshire Bears won by 7 wickets
** Game reduced to 25 overs per side due to Lancashire’s delayed arrival

Yorkshire VICC v London Metro
at Crofton CC, Wakefield
Yorkshire: 65 All Out, M Galib 3-5, G Jones 3-10, A Malik 27
Metro: 69/0, M Dean 50 not out
London Metro won by 10 wickets

The Road to Broadhalfpenny Down
Taken from the 2015 Cup Final Match Day Programme
First Round
Lancashire Lions (112/0) beat Durham VICC (111 All Out) by 10 wickets
Arslan Sabir (3-7) as well as batters Usman Afridi (51) & Amanda Large (47 not out) played a key role in Lancashire’s ten wicket win over Durham. Jon Hawkins battled hard batting the whole of Durham’s innings for 32 not out but Lancashire had little difficulty reaching their target.

Northants Steelbacks (257/3) beat Gloucestershire Growlers (166 All Out) by 91 runs
Northants victory was based on a superb batting performance from Gav Griffiths who scored 90 to set a new club record score for a total batsman. Griffiths shared partnerships of 138 with Dave Keeling (34) & 64 with Mark Horbatowski (41) for the opening two wickets. Gloucestershire batted solidly in reply but their 166 All Out fell 91 runs short with Elyse Bezuidenhout top scoring with 29.

Quarter Finals
Warwickshire Bears (215 All Out) beat Somerset VICC (144 All Out) by 71 runs
Luke Sugg (89) & Nathan Foy (82) starred for Warwickshire as Ed Hossell’s 4-19 helped bowl the Bears out for 215. Despite 45 from Ed Hossell & 53 from Rob Crisp Somerset fell 71 runs short as Asif Ali took 4-14.

Lancashire Lions (272/6) beat Sussex Sharks (89/6) on comparative score
Young cousins Usman Afridi (133) & Wasim Afridi (48 not out) led Lancashire to a big total. Sussex were 1/1 after 1 over in reply when rain interrupted setting the Sharks a smaller target from just 14 overs. Despite some powerful hitting from Ian Morris & Dan Field Sussex couldn’t keep up with the required rate as their cup defence ended earlier than most people had expected.

Yorkshire VICC (127/4) beat Nottinghamshire Knights (126 All Out) by 6 wickets
Yorkshire’s win was set up by a brilliant bowling display from Bob Baines who took 4-12 on his first team debut. In reply Taf Naqvi’s 49 not out held the Yorkshire innings together in spite of Notts removing 4 batsmen at the other end.

London Metro (136/3) beat Northants Steelbacks (140 All Out) by 7 wickets on comparative score
Northants got off to a good start reaching 104/2 after 20 overs largely thanks to Gav Griffiths (42) & Mike Harrison (29) but when they tried to speed up in the final 10 overs they slipped to 140 All Out. In reply Dave Keeling dismissed both openers including Matt Dean for 47 but Rory Field’s rapid 32 not out which followed his 3-12 with the ball, saw the Londoners through to the semi finals.

Semi Finals
Warwickshire Bears (322/3) beat Lancashire Lions (321/3) by 7 wickets
Even though the game was reduced to 25 overs per side due to Lancashire arriving late this was the highest scoring match since 2009. Usman Afridi (171) & Wasim Afridi (99 not out) shared a 300 run partnership for the Lions which was then bettered by Warwickshire’s Justin Hollingsworth (154 not out) & Luke Sugg (109) who shared 309. Amjad Khan snatched 3 late wickets but it wasn’t enough to stop the Bears reaching the final.

London Metro (69/0) beat Yorkshire VICC (65 All Out) by 10 wickets
The other semi final was far lower scoring with Metro tearing through Yorkshire’s batting line up as Mo Galib (3-5) & Gareth Jones (3-10) were the destroyers in chief. Matt Dean smashed 50 not out to see Metro to the final with 22 overs to spare.