Nottinghamshire Knights

Location: Nottingham
Home Ground: Trent College & Thurgarton Cricket Club
Year Founded: 2010
Shirt Colour: Light Blue
Chairman: David Newsham
Captain: Phillip Hancock
Vice Captain: Paul Smith
Coach: Phillip Hancock
Team Manager: Kirsty Allen

Best Competition Finishes

BCEW National League: 7th (2017)
BCEW David Townley Memorial Twenty20 Cup Qualifying Competition: Northern Final (2017)
BBS Primary Club Heindrich Swanepoel Memorial Cup: Semi Final (2017)

Other Trophies

2014 BCEW BJMT Development Festival Winners
2015 BCEW N/E Regional League Winners

Nottinghamshire Knights team photo


The Nottinghamshire Knights were formed in 2010 by My Sight Nottinghamshire, a voluntary organisation who give help to Visually Impaired people. The intention in forming the team was to give an opportunity for VI people to take part in a competitive sport on equal terms with the other teams.

The club was given the support of Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club based at Trent Bridge and the team train there during the winter months. This has the effect on the individuals of improving their confidence, their social skills, their fitness, and restoring some of the self-worth that can be lost with Visual Impairment. It’s also great fun.

Knights currently play in the BCEW Development League and the BBS Cup. They have male and female players of all ages and as part of a proactive development strategy the team is now encouraging young people not yet in their teens to take up the sport, with the consent and sometimes amazement of their parents and friends, from whom they are given great support.