RNC Hereford Bulldogs

Club Name: RNC Bulldogs
Location: Hereford
Home Ground: Pentland Gardens
Year Founded: 1980 – reformed in 2012
Shirt Colour: Blue, red arms and white piping
Chairman: Adrian Snelgrove
Vice Captain:
Coach: Mark Fisher
Team Manager: Tom Bendall
Website: www.RNC.AC.UK
Twitter: @RNC_Hereford

Best Competition Finishes

BCEW Regional League: Winners of S/W League (2015)
BCEW David Townley Memorial Twenty20 Cup: Not yet entered
BBS Primary Club Heindrich Swanepoel Memorial Cup: Winners (1981)

Other Trophies

2002 BBS National League Division Two Winners

RNC Hereford Bulldogs team photo


RNC were one of the first blind cricket teams playing on and off from 1980 until 2003. After that, cricket was still played informally just for fun at the college and a number of England internationals first played blind cricket there.

At the start of 2012, RNC staff Mark Fisher and Jo Mann combined forces with BCEW Development Director John Garbett and experienced blind cricketer Adrian Snelgrove to reform the team by running a number of development sessions through the winter leading to entry in the 2012 Development League.

The club now has a handful of local players and excellent support from Herefordshire Cricket Board, but they face the annual challenge of students leaving the college and new ones starting. With their priority on ensuring everyone’s involvement and using cricket to build the confidence and social skills of their students, RNC’s team look set to continue in years to come.

Club Contact

Contact via BCEW