Blind Cricket Ball

News from the 2023 BCEW AGM

Following changes to the BCEW constitution Birmingham Stars & Cheshire Cobras have become full voting members of BCEW.
The rules on games rained off after less than 10 overs play have been changed, from now teams will receive 8 points each in those circumstances.
Runners will be required to wear coloured bibs to help officials and fellow players with identification as has been successfully trialled by several teams in 2023.

There were five uncontested elections so the following officers remain in post to continue to build on the good work they have been doing, as have all the committee whose efforts and reports were appreciated by all.
Chair: Colin Baxter
Development Director: John Garbett
Governance Director: Colin Baxter
Welfare and Safeguarding Director: Michael Parsons
Women’s Programme Advisor: Kathryn Jelfs-White

It was announced that Mitre have helped to make some changes to the ball used in 2023 to hopefully provide a better ball for the 2024 season.
It was also announced that the filing of Captains Reports after matches will be much more strictly policed in 2024, those late in filing will receive a warning & if action is not taken then league points will be deducted.

Kathryn Jelfs-White
Kathryn Jelfs-White